Am I Required To Appoint Data Protection Officer?

It does not matter whether you own a private organization or a public organization, you must start considering whether or not your organization is required to appoint a DPO or a Data Protection Officer. Data Protection Officers are individuals given the responsibility of a position in which they are required to monitor every data handling which is done by an organization – from the process of collecting, to the processing or distributing. Appointed by said organization, data protection officers must supervise the personal data collecting organization for the next two years and can only be terminated from the task if they are considered to have been failing at fulfilling their duty. But which organization is required to appoint someone to fulfill the duty station and how does an organization or a business owner know when they need a DPO? Read on to find out the requirement that has been set by the Regulation.

The General Data Protection Regulation requires organizations or businesses which collect EU nationals’ personal data informations to appoint a DPO or, at the very least, seek advices from a DPO. These organizations or businesses must comply unless they can provide proofs as to why they do not need a DPO, below is a list of the requirements for organizations that have to appoint data protection officers:

  1. If your organization is considered as a public body or public authority – with the exception of courts which access personal data informations in judicial capacity.
  2. If the core activity of your organization consists of processing personal data – this includes search engine companies, social media companies, retail companies, and many more.

3.     If the nature of your organization’s activity consists of processing sensitive personal data informations (which are related to criminal offences or convictions) at a large scale – this includes government departments, healthcare providers and many more.

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